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Toro y Moi - "Freelance" (Official Music Video)

"Freelance" is taken from Toro y Moi's new album, 'Outer Peace,' out now on Carpark Records.

Tour Dates:

Directed by Harry Israelson -

Produced by Ways & Means -

Producer - Lauren Skillen
DP - Jeff Leeds Cohn
AD - Jesse Hays
Gaffer - Sebastian Baron
Key Grip - Pablo Ruff-Berganza
Production Design - Laura Barr-Jones
Creative Direction - Harry Israelson

Colorist - Mikey Rossiter @ The Mill
VFX - Stephen Pagano

Special Thanks to ARRI, An Tran, Heath Raymond, Evan Bauer, Jett Steiger, Lana Kim, Pat Jones

Oh walk on the water -- for me
Just for me baby o.k.
Oh, there’s always gon’ be pressure o.k.


Nothing’s ever worse than work unnoticed
Freelance now, yeah I guess you earned it
Life is only wishing we could load it
Level up you got to make a bonus

Mystic staring at his phone for oneness
Silver or black mirror, what’s the difference?
Imitation always gets a bad rep man
Witches Brew had me on on the first sip, man

Smells like Autumn, smells like leaves
You don’t know that you’re rust and not belong
So much
And then you get left alone

Cloud hidden and my whereabouts unknown
Cazedero got me wearing all camo
Decked in Patagonia head to toe
Down for whatever, I think I let go

No more shoes and socks, I only rock sandals
I can’t tell if I’m hip or getting old
I can’t hear you, maybe you could change your tone
People tend to listen when they see your soul

Oh walk on water -- for me
Just for me baby

Sometimes I think we are from the same place
Now I don’t
What just happened?

p + c 2019 Carpark Records
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