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Lauren Jauregui - More Than That (Official Video)

"More Than That" is out now!

Download and stream the song here:

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Director: Lauren Dunn
Creative Director: Lauren Jauregui
Co-Creative Director: Deena Emara

Producer: Andreas Attai
Executive Producer: Jerad Anderson & Seb Webber
Production Company: Godless /

Hair Stylist Lauren: Justine Marjan
Hair Assistant Lauren : Samantha Annatone
Makeup Artist Lauren : Carlene Kearns
Stylist Lauren : Mimi Cuttrell
Co-Stylist Lauren: Ali Mullin and Kara Wilson
Editor: Kerry Furrh
Co-Editor: Lauren Jauregui

Production Manager: Ryan Murray
1st AD: Parker McMillan
2nd AD: James Cornett

Director of Photography: Zac Adams
1st AC: Gordon Would
2nd AC: Evan Mobley
Steadicam: Greg Arch

Production Designer: Kendra Bradanini
Set Decorator: Lacey Berggren
Construction Coordinator: Mackenzie McCormick
Art Assistant: Sandy Olson
Props: Tammy Kaiser

Gaffer: Edgar Gomez
Best Boy Electric: Ionel Diaconescu
Electric: Pierre Habib
Swing: Lincoln Webb

Key Grip: Eric Sanches
Best Boy Grip: Sean Stark
Grip: Caleb Adams

Choreographer: Charm La’Donna and Tiffany Bain

Make Up Artist Extras : Carla Russo
Hair Stylist Extras : Stephanie Ruiz de Chavez
Wardrobe Stylist Extras: Alexandria Montague
Wardrobe Assistant Extras: Chelsea Robbins

Production Assistant: Eric Moore
Production Assistant: Skyler Stancil
Production Assistant: Federico Bartolucci
Production Assistant: Roderick Whitmore
Set Medic: Micah Cooper

Color: Ariana Shining Star
Visual Effects: Nick Roney

Catering: Spartan Catering
Picture Car Provided by: Picture Car Warehouse

Casting Provided by: Mill Ticket Entertainment

Graces: Natalia Brito, Megan Fay, & Cheeno Grey
Pole Dancers: Alicia Horton, Jonnesha Banks, Alexis Reinier, Milan Thomas
Waiters: Drake Ulmer & Claud George Jr
Bouncer: Parker McMillan
Background: Lauren Bryant, Adaeze Ibeka, Kastin Lewis, Danielle Carrillo, & Nancy Rave Kirk

Manager: Dan Dymtrow
Manager: Tara Beikae
Digital Marketing Director: Sheila Hozhabri
Digital Director: Samy Abbas
Columbia Records Video Commissioner: Jill Kaplan
Columbia Records Video Assistant: Alexa Zeliger
Assistant: Amanda Gonzales

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