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Kpop boy groups doing girl group dances 2

Here is kpop boy groups doing girl group dances pt. 2.

Here is the link to pt. 1:

List of songs and people in this video:

1: Sandeul of B1A4. Song: Girls day - Something (0:07-0:43)
2: Minwoo of Boyfriend. Song: Apink - I dont know (0:44-1:17)
3: G-Dragon and Seungri of BIGBANG. Song: Wonder girls - Tell me (1:18-1:23)
4: Rokhyun, Minwoo and Jonghwan of 100%. Song: Sistar - Alone (1:19-1:46)
5: FTIsland. Song: Wonder girls - So hot (1:47-2:22)
6: Yejun from F.Cuz. Song: Miss A - Touch (2:23-2:52)
7: 2AM. Song: Miss A (2AM version) - Goodbye baby (2:53-3:23)
8: 93 line of 100%. Song: Orange caramel - Aing (3:24-4:02)
9: Sangmin of Cross Gene, Kangjun of C-Clown and Minsu of Boys Republic. Song: Hyuna - Red (4:03-4:29)
10: Jaehyung of A-Jax. Song: Kara - Step (4:30-5:01)
11: Baro of B1A4. Song: Girls day - Something (5:02-5:31)
12: Mark, Junior and Youngjae of GOT7. Song: G-Friend - Me gustas tu (5:32-5:59)
12: Peniel and Sungjae of BTOB. Songs: Girls day - Expectation and Ladies Code - So wonderful (6:00-6:34)
13: 2AM. Song: Sistar - Alone (6:35-7:09)
14: iKon. Song: EXID - Up & down (7:10-8:08)
15: Ren of Nu´est. Song: Girls day - Something (8:09-8:25)
16: ZE:A. Song: Girls generation - Genie (8:26-9:15)
17: Lee Joon of MBLAQ. Song: Girls generation - Genie (9:16-9:37)
18: Dongho and Kevin of U-Kiss. Song: Kara - Step (9:38-10:01)
19: UNIQ. Song: Apink - Mr. Chu (10:02-10:36)
20: Key of SHINee. Song: Girls generation - Hoot (10:37-11:17)
21: Key of SHINee. Song: Secret - Madonna (11:18-11:45)
22: MADTOWN. Song: Girls day - Something (11:46-12:23)
23: Simba of JJCC. Songs: EXID - Up & down and Kara - Mamma Mia (12:24-12:52)
24: Jaeho of History. Songs: AOA - Like a cat, TWICE - Cheer up and Girls day - Something (12:53-13:33)
25: Jo Kwon of 2AM. Song: Brown eyed girls - Abracadabra (13:34-14:15)

I hope you enjoy watching, and if you have more groups you would like me to include, I would be happy to make a part 3. If you enjoyed please like, comment, subscribe and share. I do not own any of the clips or songs used in this video, all rights goes to the rightful owners.
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