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half•alive - still feel. [VIDEO]

half•alive’s music video for ‘still feel.’

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Directed / Edited / Colored by : Josh Taylor
Director of Photography : Ryan Wood
Choreography : http://bit.ly/JA_Collective
Producer : Ryan Prouty
Focus Puller : Daniel Worlock
Stylist : Madelaine Turner


when i'm furthest from myself •far away•
feeling closer to the stars •outer space•
i've been invaded by the dark •can't escape•
trying to recognize myself when i feel i've been replaced

i can feel a kick down in my soul
and its pulling me back to earth to let me know
i am not a slave, cant be contained
so pick me from the dark and pull me from the grave


i still feel alive
when it is hopeless, i start to notice
that i still feel alive
falling forward back into orbit

so when i lose my gravity in this sleepy womb
drifting as i dream, but i'll wake up soon
to realize the hand of life is reaching out
to rid me of my pride i call allegiance to myself

i can feel a kick down in my soul
it's pulling me back to earth to let me know
and this heart that beats inside of me will show
it will show

floating in outer space, have i misplaced a part of my soul?
lost in the in between, or so it seems, i'm out of control
floating in outer space, have i misplaced a part of my soul
lost in the in between but i cant keep me asleep for long


i still feel alive •i can feel it•
when it is hopeless •it ain't hopeless•
i start to notice •start to notice•
i still feel alive •i can feel it•
falling forward •falling forward•
back into orbit •yeah•
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