BTS (Bangtan Boys) HARDEST CHOREOGRAPHY ( 2017 ) | MusicMall
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BTS (Bangtan Boys) HARDEST CHOREOGRAPHY ( 2017 )

excuse the shitty editing
a lot of you guys asked me to make a new one so..
And i also didn't include their special stages, performances (( like sbs gayo daejojeoidunnohowtospelljeon etc)) also covers. (Like perfect man)

Audio: A supplementary story: You never walk alone - BTS

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i dont own any of the musics, videos
i dont own wrap monstuh gein christianchim hoesucc holy v min yoongi yeon ki min the love of my life, my heart, my soul, my everything my neuron, haemoglobin, node of ranvier purkinje fibres and jung junglecock stop blocking my vid yt headass
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